Kiki Quinn

Entertainer, Educator, and Costume Designer.
elebrating 10 years in Burlesque .

Tassel Twirling intensive day. Choose one or register for both and save!

August 11 Double class intensive. $60 2-5pm (30 minute break)

Pastie Making (90minute workshop)

August 11. 2pm-3:30

$50 registration

Workshop held at Evolution wonderlounge

Includes DIY pastie making kit for 2 sets of tasseled pasties

Kit includes:

Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Fringe, Backing, Sparkle foam, Scissors, Cardstock for template

During this 90 minute workshop you will learn basic pastie making techniques while crafting your own pair. You will be provided a "starter kit" with everything you need to make two basic sets of tasseled pasties, this kit is yours to take home. Some additional decoration items will be made available.

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Tassel Twirling ( 60 minute workshop)

August 11. 4pm - 5pm


Workshop held at Evolution Wonderlounge

During this 60 minute workshop you will be taught different adhesive methods to apply your pasties. After inspecting different styles of tassel bases you will be taught several techniques for twirling. By the time you complete this workshop you will know multiple techniques to make your tassels spin in every direction. 

*pasties will be available for purchase.

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Wake me up before you GO-GO! With Scarlett Von Bomb ( 2 hour workshop)
September 8,  2-4pm
Workshop held at Evolution Wonderlounge

This fun and energetic workshop will give you all the tools you need to add the term "Go-Go Dancer" to your resume! While looking at where go-go originated and where its most commonly used today; Scarlett Von Bomb will show you basic technique on how to work the stage in those heels and integrate go-go choreography into becoming a dynamic performer! So grab your dancing shoes and join in as we shake our stuff in this exciting movement workshop!

What you will need: Notebook/ Pen if you wish to take notes, water bottle, Pumps/Heels you can dance in (If you rather do it out of heels; a pair of comfy sneakers will do the trick as well!)

*In this workshop we will go over some basic info about how go-go dancing started and how it can be used today as well as the best footwear to dance in. We will then break down the best way to create a free styled combination including breaking down body movements/ power moves and will finish the workshop with trying out our new skills!
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