Kiki Quinn

Entertainer, Educator, and Costume Designer.
elebrating 10 years in Burlesque .

RCR Burlesque Mentorship Program

Do you want to be a burlesque artist? Not sure how? Tired of winging it? River City Revue Burlesque has teamed up with Edmonton's biggest burlesque stars to give you an amazing mentorship program! You choose your own mentor! Choose from artists that not only perform constantly locally but also all around the globe!
In this 15 week program you will learn what it takes to be a professional burlesque artist, both as part of River City Revue Burlesque and as a soloist! With your registration you will choose a mentor that will coach you through creating your solo piece. During orientation you will meet your mentor and schedule 2 private coaching sessions . In our weekly classes we will cover proper warm ups, group choreograpy specialised skill building and peer reviews. At our term showcase we will perform group choreography and you can choose to perform your solo act if you feel comfortable. You will also revieve a certificate of completion and a costume made for you for our grand finale act!
*additional coaching sessions can be arranged at an extra cost to be discussed with your mentor
(2018 spring/summer program in progress, watch for workshops with mentors or fall program date announcements)

Meet your Mentors!

Beau Creep
Beau Creep is an Edmonton-based, interdisciplinary performance artist, host and producer. He has garnered international attention; appearing on stages across Canada, USA, and Europe as well as received numerous awards for his eccentric, over-the-top stage acts. He firmly believes that he would’ve run away to join the circus had he not been too busy being raised by drag queens and showgirls but his worlds were meant to collide and he has become his own fabulous three-ring spectacle. He is currently head of image and marketing on the Edmonton Burlesque Festival Board, founder of the pop up event All Tease All Shade: A Queer Cabaret, co-producer of Clue Burlesque - an annual Halloween show in the haunted Freemasons Hall, producer of the annual holiday debacle: How The Stripper Stole Christmas - currently in its 4th year, and is also a burlesque instructor and mentor at Aradia pole fitness.

Holly Von Sinn

A vivacious firecracker hailing from the dust-ridden streets of Edmonton, Holly Von Sinn is guaranteed to tickle more than just your fancy. As one of the first solo dancers in the city, Holly has set aflame stages all over North America, has blazed the trail for burlesque in Edmonton, and has left audiences dry mouthed and sweating. Kicking up a storm on stage – like an untamable prairie tornado through a trailer park – Holly is easily one of Edmonton’s most beloved and lusted after performers to date, integrating a myriad of performance styles and techniques seamlessly into their numbers. Having trained in theatre, dance, improv, and clown, Holly delivers distinctive dances that flex the proverbial concepts of what burlesque can be. Holly is a founding member of Sinners, Freaks and Geeks Monthly Burlesque Review, All Tease All Shade, The Hook’em Revue, The Edmonton Burlesque Festival,  and current member of femme troupe #ClownsKillEmpires. Through their efforts in establishing and maintaining burlesque in Edmonton, Holly Von Sinn has burned their mark into this city not only as a performer, but also as a producer, host, mentor, and teacher.
Starting off their career with the Edmonton based troupe Lascivious Burlesque, Holly quickly took the international scene, showcasing all their goods on highly accredited stages like Hubba Hubba stage in San Francisco, The Slipper Room in New York, and headlining The Wiggle Room in Montreal. Performing in festivals such as Ottawa Burlesque Festival (Ottowa, ONT), The Texas Burlesque Festival (Austin, TX), Southern Fried Burlesque Festival (Atlanta, GA), Alternatease (Cambridge, MA), Vienna Boylesque Festival (Vienna, AT), The Calgary International Burlesque Festival and Girlesque Expo (Toronto, ON). Headlining festivals like Burlesque and Beyond (Philadelphia, PA) have rendered Holly a much deserved international following. Producing and performing shows in the Edmonton International Fringe Festival such as Adore Canada, and Dueling Divas has made Holly a widely known performer not just within burlesque but also within Canada’s theatre community. They have showcased their work alongside some of Burlesques most notable artists  such as Jo Weldon, Murry Hill, Angie Pontani as well as being mentored by the legend Grand Beaver Judith Stein. The World Famous *BOB* once said Holly has “a twisted f-ing mind”
As a purveyor of bad habits, a lover of clowns and a loather of pants, Holly Von Sinn’s work takes the smouldering flames of passion and mixes in the best of the bizarre, making a truly tantalizing cocktail of a performance, leaving audiences both shaken and stirred.

Kiki Quinn

Founder of The Edmonton Burlesque Centre, River City Revue Burlesque, Burlesque A La Carte, and Edmonton Burlesque Events. Kiki Quinn is often affectionately referred to as Edmonton's Burly Mama, having been involved in the training of budding new performers since 2010. Known for her glamorous style as well as her comedic ability, she is sure to captivate her audience like no other. Whether you need a sultry slow tease for your next event or a high-energy act, it will absolutely be a show that your guests will never forget. With her ability to engage every audience member Kiki always provides a dynamic performance.

With over 10 years of experience, Kiki is available to perform, teach or even help you create that perfect burlesque costume. She believes that an artists journey is never complete and is constantly expanding her skills as an entertainer, educator, producer and costume designer. She has workshopped with Burlesque Legends and industry stars from all over the world.

LeTabby Lexington
LeTabby Lexington is the co-founder of Send in the Girls Burlesque and Burlesque Dueling Divas. In Edmonton, she produces Burlesque Brunch and Show Us Your Noobies.  LeTabby has appeared at the New York, Toronto and Snake Oil (NOLA) Burlesque festivals. LeTabby is hosting the 2018 VIBF International Burlesque Festival and has hosted the Bunny Competition in 2016 and 2017 at Edmonton Burlesque Festival. She has headlined the 2018 Itty Bitty Burlesque Festival and 2017 Calgary International Burlesque Festival.  LeTabby is also a trained dancer, actor and clown.
Violette Coquette

Burlesque artist and Feminist Provocateur Violette Coquette is a golden-era beauty who has performed on burlesque stages across the world, from New Orleans to London to Stockholm. Co-founder of House of Hush Burlesque and creator of the Violette Underground, she thrives on the magical energy created when a live performer and audience connect under glittering lights. The perfect mix of gin-soaked revelry, glamour and delight.

Violette began her burlesque pursuits with Edmonton’s Rockette-style Capital City Burlesque troupe before starting her career as a solo artist in 2014. For the past two years Violette has performed with theatre company Send in the Girls Burlesque, including their productions of "Shakespeare's Sirens" (nominated for two Sterling awards) and "With Glowing Hearts". Violette is the co-founder of House of Hush Burlesque and she produces pop-up speakeasy burlesque show the Violette Underground, and a yearly production of Clue: A Burlesque Murder Mystery (co-produced with LeTabby Lexington and Beau Creep). Violette has performed at festivals across the world, including the Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary Burlesque Festivals, 2016 New Orleans Burlesque Festival and the 2017 London Burlesque Festival.
 When not busy with burlesque pursuits, Violette's alter-ego is busy working on a master’s degree in design, and competitive salsa dancing (ranked in the top 3 competitive Amateur On-2 salsa dancers for 2016 & 2017).

Spring/Summer 2018 schedule

Sunday's March 25 - May 27, 6-8pm at Desert Rose Dance Studio

Sunday June 3 - 6-8pm location TBA

Sunday June 10, 5-7pm at Evolution Wonderlounge

Sundays June 17 - 24, 6-8pm at Evolution Wonderlounge

Monday July 2, 6-8pm "Dress Rehearsal" at Evolution Wonderlounge

Saturday July 7, 7-10pm " Summer Showcase" at Evolution Wonderlounge

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