Kiki Quinn

Entertainer, Educator, and Costume Designer.
elebrating 10 years in Burlesque .

Burlesque Classes in Edmonton Alberta

Past student testimonials

"Kiki's teaching is a cocoon that allows her students to turn into beautiful, confident butterflies. She knows how to bring her students out of their shell and gives them the tools to build on the confidence that is gained in her class. I'd recommend her as a teacher to any of my friends" - Erin

"Kiki creates an inclusive, amazing, and welcoming environment that you cant help but fall in love with. She is passionate, knowledgeable, encouraging and talented. For me personally, Kiki Quinn has changed my life. Her classes have allowed me to finally start loving myself and my body. Not to mention the acceptance i feel in her classes, and the endless laughter" - Stephanie 

"Incredibly kind and supportive. you make it easy for your students to foster their confidence by being such a positive figure in their burly journey. It would be safe to say that those who have taken a class of yours will leave it feeling better about, and more sure of themselves" - Nicole

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 Fall 2018 term will be held at Evolution Wonderlounge.  10220 103 street, Edmonton Ab. 
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Beginner Burlesque Class
Burlesque Basics  (sold out)
8 week Progressive
October 9 - November 27
Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm
Student Showcase November 30
(evolution wonderlounge)
After a breif history lesson you will learn the basic foundations of classic and neo burlesque. During this 8 week class you will shimmy shake your way through everything from a slow and sensual glove peel to the bump and grind. This course is great for anyone that wants to learn burlesque or just get in touch with their body and become more comfortable in their own skin, all in a friendly and supportive environment. To finish off the course you will lean group choreogrophy and have the opportunity to participate in a student showcase if they choose.

During the first  lecture class you will be instructed on what to expect and what to wear.
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Advanced Burlesque Class
Burlesque: The Next Level
8 Week Progressive
October 9 - November 27
Tuesdays 7:45 - 9pm
Student Showcase November 30
(evolution wonderlounge)
 In this 8 week class we will cover everything you need to create your masterpeice from convept to exicution. You will learn the process of creating your own solo burlesque act! With classes focusing of concept, music, character, costuming and movement you will be given all the tools to create a cohesive act.
Please bring a notebook for our first lecture class, we will discuss what to expect 
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Burlesque Mentorship Program

RCR Burlesque Mentorship Program (Registration now closed for summer)

15 week progressive

Do you want to be a burlesque artist? Not sure how? Tired of winging it? River City Revue Burlesque has teamed up with Edmonton's biggest burlesque stars to give you an amazing mentorship program! You choose your own mentor! Choose from artists that not only perform constantly locally but also all around the globe!
In this 15 week program you will learn what it takes to be a professional burlesque artist, both as part of River City Revue Burlesque and as a soloist! With your registration you will choose a mentor that will coach you through creating your solo piece. During orientation you will meet your mentor and schedule 2 private coaching sessions . In our weekly classes we will cover proper warm ups, group choreograpy specialised skill building and peer reviews. At our term showcase we will perform group choreography and you can choose to perform your solo act if you feel comfortable. You will also revieve a certificate of completion and a costume made for you for our grand finale act!
*additional coaching sessions can be arranged at an extra cost to be discussed with your mentor

for information on our mentors please see the Menorship Program page of this website

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